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This is the third time I have typed this.  Guess I keep erasing before it posts.  I haven't posted in awhile.  I am doing prettty good - some occasional accidents and dealing with bad vaginal stenosis, but otherwise good.  I lost my job during the pandemic and hope I never have to go back to that stressful shit.  I am enjoying my time with my grand babies and trying to stay in the moment.  Will have to figure out how to get health insurance (6 years to Medicare) when my hubby retires next year.  I think of you all and pray for you all often.  Hope everyone is doing well.  Wishing you all health and happiness!

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Glad to hear your doing good and living in the moment!!!! I lost my job also. Trying to find one that I can have accidents all the time is really hard. My job was a work from home job. My boss was a horrible person. I’m back in physical therapy for my hips. Glad I have time for it now. Enjoy those grand babies!!!!! I don’t have any yet. Maybe in a few years. Hugs. 💙
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Got it this time! Thank you for posting!
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Glad to hear you’re doing well! The stenosis is such a frustration for me too. So happy to hear you’re able to be with those grand babies more! I’m dropping my oldest off at college this week, it’s bittersweet but so thankful to be there with him during this milestone! I’m grateful I get to watch my children continue to grow up and hopefully meet my grandkids one day! Big hugs and prayers for continued health and happiness! 💗
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Glad you're doing well! I got to work from home for 15 months during the pandemic and it was heaven. No worrying about accidents. Now I'm back at the office but retirement is close.
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So glad to see you here and know you are doing well. So sorry you lost your job, but glad you are having lots of fun with the little ones. Take care and stay well!
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So happy to hear from you and that you are doing well! Enjoy the grandbabies and life!
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Hi, Jana. Sounds like you are coping well. Every moment is precious. Stay grounded.
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So wonderful to hear that you are doing well!
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Hi Jana, I too lost my job during the "now's our big chance to layoff people" pandemic staff reductions. It sucks. Big time. We are not exactly youngsters anymore, so nothing like starting from scratch with start from scratch wages too. Health insurance truly is the ball and chain all American businesses have over employees- you truly can't afford decent health insurance on your own (cheapest, lowest, myself only junk insurance with $10,000 deductive was $550 a month). We must be about the same age as I can't retire for the next "3/4 of a decade" either. And likewise, my weekends are full to the brim with the two grand daughters. I've got no time to get old yet! Hope you're doing okay with your health (and finances) and I wanted to do volunteer work after getting canned, but thanks to this never-ending virus from hell, that plan didn't workout either while I was looking for work. Covid just ruined my parent's wedding anniversary plans I'd made for them as an employee tested positive at my Mom's nursing home and visitation got shutdown, meaning my Dad and the Priest weren't able to visit her this week for their landmark anniversary. Someday this Covid will go away? Chemotherapy actually seem like it went quickly compared to out-pacing this damned CoronaVirus. Have fun with your grandbabies, Papa is done complaining for now...maybe...but lunchtime over....so back to work.


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Hey Jana; so good to hear from you! Sorry, but glad you got out of the "stressful shit"
and wonderful you can enjoy the grand kids!
I hope you can figure out the medical, without unnecessary stress!
Happy birthday week!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY for 12th xx
Hoping you are still enjoying your time with those babies, and looking forward to a wonderful birthday!
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