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Merry Christmas - help with a question please

Merry Christmas BFAC friends - I went to see the colerectal doctor on December 13th and he said NED!  I do have a small tear and he advised me to continue with my cream. I am very thankful.  Since the exam I have been very sore and now in addition to the little rip I now have a bump that is itchy and painful.  Sorry to be graphic but who else can I ask?  I am very worried - this is not how reoccurrences start is it?  I hate to be paranoid, but this is the first bump I have had and it scares me.

I just moved out of state and switched jobs so I will not have health insurance for 60 days (starts March 1st) ... I thought Obamacare would fix this crap!  Anyway - if you have experienced this or have an idea of something for me to try please send me a message.

Thanks - I really appreciate you all.

Merry Christmas -


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Wish I could help, enjoy your holidays regardless. Obamacare and the lifting of refusing service for pre-existing conditions kicks in on 01/01/14. tj
Merry Christmas Sweetie!
Jana i am sorry that this worry is going to mess up your holiday! Do you know your surgeon or your oncologist well enough to ask them for help even though you have moved? Just to ask them about the bump? I have had plenty of itches in that area since, although I can't say it's been a bump..the dermatologist gave me something for it, as it was really a "dermatitis" caused by inadequate cleaning of all the little folds and rips. Hope you can just relax a bit and enjoy your new place and jobs...we'll all be waiting for more news! XOXO
Dear Jana, The itching could be a sign of the rip healing?? Can't you go back to your doc to have them check it out and explain you've changed jobs and health insur as a result? Especially if you explain that since the exam you've felt that way. I hate the thought of you worried during the holidays & the new year.
I seem to get a bit sore around the area after a DRE which i had a couple of weeks ago now. Doc said the skin still looks new with healing still going on. I had also felt something hanging out (could be like your bumps?) which terrified me, but doc said they're skin tags and not too worry about them! Since the physical, I've smeared sorbelene cream around a few times which has soothed and settled it all down. Hope you can reduce some of your worry until you can get it followed up and enjoy the festive season.
I don't have any answers but want you to know that I will pray for you. It sucks that it's happening now! How is you stepson?
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He finished his first of 12 chemo treatments. He has been sick almost every day for at least some part of it, but being 14 years old quickly gets distracts him back to XBox, movies, etc. This treatment is going to be brutal. It breaks my heart. Thanks for asking.
Linda, Glad you asked about Jana's stepson. I am remiss that I had forgotten (this moment anyway.)
Jana-- As soon as you new ins kicks in, I hope you'll get this checked. However, I would think that your colorectal doc would have said something if he was concerned about it. Perhaps you can put a call into the CR doctor who examined you and ask if it was noticed during your exam and what his take is on it. Try not to worry! I'm sure it is of a benign nature, but it is always good to get such things checked out. I am keeping all good thoughts for you! Hugs!
Hi Jana, My DRE's are usually done by an oncologist, but I had one done by a nurse practioner once, and she flipped out cause she felt "something". It turned out to be a ridge I have now formed by scar tissue which to her felt abnormal. I think we now have a pretty irregular landscape down there now and hopefully that's all it is with you. Also, for months I used Desitin at my doctor's recommendation to alleviate the soreness (works great). The other day I found an unopened tube in a drawer and realized I hadn't needed it in months. Hope you have a great holiday! Mari
Carol likes this comment doctor felt a few lumps also was a small hemroid and one was irritation. So we will hope that's all it is and the hemroid itched and so did the irritation . Merry Christmas and a happy and Healthy New Year! Hugs xoxo
I've had a very small bump since I healed. Last I checked it was still there at least. I think it was just how my body healed where I had been burned the worst. I don't have anything more to offer on it than that since one persons bump may or may not be the same as another's. If it changes at all or you are worried, I'd call the doc to at least ask if this is something they want to take a look at. Might be worth the out of pocket cost of an office visit and if they want to do more they could advise if you can wait the 60 days. Hope you have a very merry Christmas!
Thank you all for your answers. I am going to try to quit worrying and enjoy today. Merry Christmas to you all!
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When I saw my GI doc and he was amazed that I had no sign of radiation, he said usually there is something left. I am guessing that your situation is one of those, you just saw your Dr. he would have acted if he was concerned about it. Sound like difficult to heal scar to me, and invading the area with roughish exams and/or hard stool would probably flare it up, I bet. You know, I have often wondered if hyperbaric would help under these conditions, after all, they use them for non healing wounds. Has anyone had success using Vitamin E, maybe? I think this is a whole area of healing that we need to study on. Since RadioplexRx cream soothed and healed so well, that might be an option. We need to request a rectal applicator for this! I tried rigging up one with a Prep H applicator without much success! Merry Christmas to you!
You know, rethinking this, that little bump might be a clogged mucus gland, soaking in a real warm tub of water might help. It's always something, right? :-)
Jana, Happy Holidays. I agree with other posts. I bet this little bump is just a side effect from the the small tear but, as we all do, it becomes a scrary thing. I had something very similar and went to the doctor convinced it was my cancer and it was nothing. Hope you enjoy your holidays.
Merry Christmas, Jana! NED sounds like a great gift to me! As for the bump, although I did not have rectal cancer, I did sometimes get internal hemorrhoids that were like you described. It seems possible it could be something like that. The constant worry that goes along with cancer and recurrence is just grueling, isn't it?
Jana, After my biopsy last July (2012), when myself, my Oncologist and my surgeon felt "something", it HURT LIKE HELL for THREE WEEKS!!!! OUCH! . . . I am sorry you are having pain. Jana, probably, there is scar tissue. I had a big lump of scar tissue in my netherlands too, and went for my first GYN check in 11 years (Hyster in '02), this past summer. They biopsied the "lump". It was scar tissue too. Yes, it IS scary to feel pain, lumps and bumps, when pooing is painful--flashbacks of what was before. Be vigilant and think positive. OKAY?? ;0 Good luck on the health insurance. I hope the move and new job bring happiness. HUG! Carol
Jana, I know after my last DRE with Radiation doctor I did bleed for a few days and stupid hemorrhoid did get aggravated...Hugs to you and stepson, hope you did have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Jeanne
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